Digital Twigs

Baozou is known for creating imaginative worlds around its characters for their line up of daily programming viewed by hundreds of millions of viewers. After a year of collaborating with Baozou on developing the show pacakging for their roster of regular entertainment, they asked us to imagine a farther reaching, inclusive world and identity for their forthcoming film division. To that end, we wanted to create a literal Baozou World that reflects their diverse and eccentric cast of characters. A planet that represents all the absurdity, magic and happiness they bring to their audience on a daily basis. Wang Nima is the iconic face of Baozou, so it is no surprise that we wanted this ‘’Baozou World" to be, quite literally, Wang Nima’s head!


Exec. Producer | Mark Cramer
Creative Director | Ryan Wehner
Creative Director | Mike Pasley
Director of Photography | Helder K. Sun

Production Manager | Angelina Feliciano

Pre-visualization | Alfredo Tognetti
Concept Art | Amy DeCaussin, Thomas Borowski

Illustration | Kasey Mahoney
Production Designer | Mike Pasley
Set Painters | Scott Sheldon, Robyn Yannoukos
Light Fabrication | Emily Franz, Hannah Field,
Natalie Lewis, Abby Horbachewski


Rigging | Mike Pasley
Animation | Pete Levin
PA/Grip | Nicholas Buck

Post Supervisor | Ryan Wehner
Keying, Roto, Cleanup | Steve Hutchins
Compositor | Ryan Wehner 

Sound Design & Mix | White Noise Lab

Art Interns | Amy McCann, Marc de Leon
Office Intern | Heather Schwartz