Digital Twigs

When MakeSpace first began offering their services, they reached out directly to the Twigs to help develop a “how-to” video that was eye-catching, informative and fun. Their mission is clear - making storage simple - and we wanted to convey the effortless service they provide using a mixture of mediums. A live-action cast interact in a miniature, stop-motion environment to illustrate the hands-free experience of storing with MakeSpace. Custom-designed furniture adds a real-world touch and further grounds us in the customer’s home. These elements gave us the freedom and mobility to exhibit the the service with ease. As the contents of the home come to life and animate above the customer, we are immediately reminded that, with Makespace, “you haul nothing!”


Client | MakeSpace
Production Company | Digital Twigs

Creative Directors | Mike Pasley + Ryan Wehner
Executive Producer | Mark Cramer
Director of Photography | Ben Eck

Production Designer | Mike Pasley
Board Artist | Will Weigand
Animator | Ryan Wehner

Fabricator | Natalie Lewis, Paris Renfroe
Art Intern | Kyle Yagle

Sound Design | Corey Mixter
Music | Vacationer

Hair and Makeup | Jason Luck
Makespace Employee | David Collins Frankel

Customer | Christina Leone

Original Furniture Designs by PDR Miniatures in Las Vegas.
Additional Miniatures from Kit Kraft in Studio City.