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Digital Twigs | Baozou Bilibili




Digital Twigs

Still Frames


Exec. Producer | Mark Cramer
Creative Director | Ryan Wehner
Creative Director | Mike Pasley
Director of Photography | Ben Eck

Storyboards | Will Weigand
Concept Art | Adam Patrick

Production Designer | Mike Pasley
Set Construction | Anna Laleggio , Cassie Cobb
Puppet Fabrication | Hannah Field, Jeremy Fisher, Mike Pasley
Set Painters | Bill Kieffer, Amanda Bush
Light Fabrication | Hannah Field, Natalie Lewis
Puppet Wardrobe | Natalie Lewis


Rigging | Mike Pasley, Jeremy Fisher
Animation | Jeremy Fisher, Ryan Wehner

Post Supervisor | Ryan Wehner
Keying, Roto, Cleanup | Tahira Ali
Compositor | Ryan Wehner
Graphics Package Animator | James Montalbano
Sound Design & Mix | White Noise Lab

Behind the Scenes | Greg Rubner
Studio Intern | Kyle Yagel
Post Production Intern | Scott Anderson
Runner | Nicholas Buck