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Digital Twigs | What To Play




Digital Twigs

What to Play is a comedic talk show about all things gaming. Baozou returned to us to produce a show opening that referenced all the iconic video games their audience grew up with, set within the vibrant Baozou world we've created across their network. 

Set up

A fun, fast-paced homage to classic video games that pits the show hosts against one-another in an epic boss level battle

Making Of

Still Frames


Director | Scott Peters

Executive Producer | Mark Cramer
Creative Director | Ryan Wehner
Creative Director | Mike Pasley

Production Designer | Emily Franz
Animation | Bradley Schaffer, Ryan Wehner
Director of Photography | Helder K. Sun

Gaffer | Lee Young
Grip | Nick Buck



Painter | Bill Kieffer, Scott Helden
Fabrication | Emily Little, Scott Shelden, Emily Franz
Puppet Fabricator | Veronica Hwang
Art Assistant | Marc De Leon

Compositors | Scott Peters, Ryan Wehner 
Sound Design & Score | Robert Brinkerhoff

Art Interns | Nathalie Llemos, Karla Hernandez