Digital Twigs

As with every job, we look at each project as an opportunity to pursue new creative techniques and methods. Wacko Bros - a show dedicated to experimentation and debunking common scientific myths - offered us a platform to emulate the show hosts’ exploration in our own treatment of the world. We sought to execute this job as practically as possible, shooting this beautiful fantasy world almost entirely in-camera. The airship, our key design element, served as the perfect metaphor for the exploration and invention seen in the show, as well as, in creating opportunities to highlight each host’s diverse personality.  

Still Frames



Client | Baozou
Production Company | Digital Twigs

Executive Producer | Mark Cramer
Creative Director | Ryan Wehner & Mike Pasley
Director of Photography | Helder K. Sun

Storyboards | Will Weigand
Production Designer | Mike Pasley

Studio Manager | Scott Shelden
Lead Fabrication | Erin Pearce

Puppet Fabrication | Hannah Field
Set Painters | Bill Kieffer, Robyn Yannoukos

Animation | Pete Levin
Grip/PA | Nicholas Buck

Post Supervisor | Ryan Wehner
Compositor | Greg Rubner
Graphics Package Animator | James Montalbano
Sound Design & Mix | White Noise Lab

Art Interns | Marc de Leon, Emily Little,
Amy McCann, Alice Vassiltsov
Office/Art Intern | Avanti Desh