Riot Games

Riot Games

Kornhaber Brown

Digital Twigs

We were excited to create a show package for the internationally popular League Of Legends with Riot Games and Kornhaber Brown. Riffing on the expansive universe and characters to create packaging that embodied their immense fan following, gave us the opportunity to explore a wide array of mediums. All Chat is a show dedicated to League of Legends’ epic fandom. The dazzling variety and abundance of the communities’ efforts is inspiring to say the least. As such, we wanted to create a graphics package that reflects the same love and creativity that fans put into their art. Since fan art has no rules, we created vignettes that honor this homage, talent and raw creativity.

Starting with the logo exploration, we set out on bringing to life a variety of characters, costumes, weapons, props, powers and personalities throughout this project. We invoked a broad mixture of stop-motion, live-action, motion graphics and practical effects for our production. This mash-up is the glue that ties together a huge cross-section of approaches. The result is a show package that honors its fanmade counterpart in a way that feels authentic, playful and energetic. 

Behind The Scenes

Logo Exploration

Logo Exploration


Client | Riot Games
Agency | Kornhaber Brown

Production Company | Digital Twigs

Executive Producer | Mark Cramer
Creative Directors | Mike Pasley & Ryan Wehner
Director of Photography | Andrew Tomayko

Logo Design | AGLXY Creative
Storyboards | Pat Pakula
Concept Art & Illustration | Serk Feliz

Production Designer | Mike Pasley
Art Lead | Natalie Lewis

Swing | Mark Davis
Costumes | Natalie Lewis

Animator | Ryan Wehner

Sound Design | Corey Mixter